Fax Blast Congress: Stop the Establishment!

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We the People can no longer sit idly by as the Washington Establishment destroys this country from the inside out. It is time for us to stand up for the principles this great Nation was founded upon, and put the power BACK into the hands of the people.

As the U.S.A. continues it's descent toward massive debt, a fading economic infrastructure, higher taxes, and restricted freedom, who stands to benefit from this? The Washington Establishment! Both Republicans and Democrats are playing a dangerous game with the future of America... one that might just prove impossible to recover from. And they expect us all to just sit back and do nothing?!

It's time that we show our elected leaders who they really work for! No more back room deals. No more corrupt politicians. No more business as usual!

Take a stand! With the click of a button, you can send a Fax Blast to ALL 435 members of the House of Representatives and ALL 100 members of the Senate, clearly stating: WE WILL NOT BACK DOWN!

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Send this Fax Blast to ALL 535 members of Congress with the press of a button.