Fax Blast Congress: Stop Obama's SCOTUS Nomination!

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Everything is at stake with the future of the Supreme Court, and Congress is being pressured to give in to President Obama. This is why opposing ANY nominee the President puts forth during this last year of his administration is crucial!

Obama just nominated a huge anti-gun liberal to be Antonin Scalia's successor... Merrick Garland.

This is terrifying, because if Obama succeeds, the Supreme Court will be stacked so heavily in favor of the leftist agenda that the entire Constitution will be in jeopardy. This nomination is quite simply a Trojan horse for back-door gun control!

It's time for Americans to STAND UP and FIGHT BACK! Blast ALL 535 members with Congress with a fax DEMANDING that they STOP Obama's Supreme Court Nominee! We must resist ANY AND ALL attempts by this President to completely re-shape and transform the Supreme Court into nothing more than socialist yes-men!

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