Fax Blast Congress: Fire Paul Ryan!

Send an instant fax to ALL 535 members of Congress

Paul Ryan is the most liberal, pro-union, pro-amnesty GOP speaker in the history of Congress... and he's just getting started!

As speaker, he has made it clear that he will do absolutely NOTHING to stop Obama's agenda, and instead is forcing Congress to roll over and let Obama do whatever he pleases.

Well, it's time for We the People to stand up and do something about this RINO!

So far we've defeated Eric Cantor, forced John Boehner to step down, and made McCathy withdraw... now it's time to set the sights on Paul Ryan. If the Establishment keeps putting RINO after RINO into positions of power, then we need to fight back and say: "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!"

With the click of a button, you can send a Paul Ryan PINK SLIP to all 535 members of Congress and tell them it's time to FIRE the impostor!

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Send this Fax Blast to ALL 535 members of Congress with the press of a button.