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Impeach Obama

Obama has committed MULTIPLE highly-impeachable offenses, and has plans to go ALL-OUT in his final months... We the People must FORCE Washington to stop him!

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Stop the Establishment

It's time that we show our elected leaders who they really work for! No more back room deals. No more corrupt politicians. No more business as usual!

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Fire Paul Ryan

So far we've defeated Eric Cantor, forced John Boehner to step down, and made McCathy withdraw... now it's Paul Ryan's turn!

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Stop Obama's SCOTUS Pick

Tell Congress to REJECT any and all attempts by Obama to reshape the Supreme Court of the United States!

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Guantanamo Sept 11 Trial

Don't Close GITMO

Obama is recklessly determined to close the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, and thereby putting American lives in direct danger!

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Send Congress a Pink Slip

It's time for Americans to STAND UP and FIGHT BACK! Blast ALL 535 members with Congress with a fax letting them know: YOU'RE FIRED!!

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Protect the 2nd Amendment

The second Amendment to the Constitutional is under a full-frontal assault! Tell Congress to do their job and protect it!

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Stop Shariah Law in America

Beheadings, genital mutilation, exile, stoning, and death sentences for non-conformers are just a few tenants this radical ideology promotes!

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Protect Our Troops

Tell Washington to investigate the rampant corruption inside the VA, and give our nation's finest the proper medical care they deserve!!

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