1How does it work?

We offer the American People a direct line of communication to Congress, allowing your voice to be heard in a way that's impossible to be ignored. By sending a Fax Blast to Washington, each member of Congress will receive a personalized message with YOUR signature on the bottom, which means they'll be forced to take it seriously.

Step 1: Choose the fax message that you wish to send to Congress.

Step 2: We'll deliver fax blast it to every single member of BOTH the House of Representatives AND Senate, totaling 535 individual fax pages.

Step 3: Change happens! The more faxes we send, the harder it is for Congress to ignore the mounting concerns of the American People!

2Why is Fax Blasting so effective?

Fax Blasting bypasses the normal screening measures that physical mail has to go through, and it's also instantaneous! This means your message gets delivered right to the offices of Congressmbmers.

In addition, a fax is MUCH harder to ignore than an email, because it's so easy to simply hit "delete" without reading the contents of the actual email. Faxes also never end up in a spam folder like so many emails do.

3Is there a limit to the number of faxes I can send?

Absolutely not! In fact, the more faxes we send to Washington, the louder our message becomes! Pretty soon, Congress will be FORCED to listen and then act on the will of the people.

4Will Congress listen to me?

Absolutely! This is exactly the reason faxing is the preferred method of direct communication with our elected officials... it simply can't be ignored!

What's more, with your signature and zip code on the bottom, your specific elected representative is compelled to thoroughly review your message, as he or she directly represents you as a constituent.

5Is it secure?

All of our faxes and our website are protected with certified encryption software, meaning your information will always remain safe.


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