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April 20, 2016

Game On: Tennessee to Sue Feds Over Unconstitutional Refugee Resettlement

(Breitbart) – On Tuesday, the Tennessee General Assembly declared it will sue the federal government over its refugee resettlement program on Tenth Amendment grounds. The State Senate passed a resolution authorizing that lawsuit in a 29 to 4 vote one day after it passed the Tennessee House by a 69 to […]
April 14, 2016

FIGHT BACK: This State Just Took a MASSIVE Stand Against Obama

Tennessee Makes Move to Sue Obama Over ‘Unprecedented Federal Overreach’ Obama’s has made his plan to dismantle America’s immigration process abundantly clear: Take as many ‘refugees’ as possible in, regardless of the threat of terrorism against the American People. However, one state is fighting back. The Tennessee General Assembly plans […]
April 13, 2016
Donald Trump

RNC Drops BOMBSHELL on How Trump Could Win the GOP Nomination (VIDEO)

Appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” this morning,  a member of the Republican National Committee blew the lid off of what was previously thought needed to secure the spot as the Republican Nominee for President. Instead of the 1,237 delegates previously thought to be required in order to hold a majority, […]
April 12, 2016
Michael Savage Donald Trump

(VIDEO) Michael Savage Issues DEMAND to Cruz: Renounce Colorado ‘Rigged Election!’

Texas Senator won ALL 34 delegates after the corrupt COP leadership completely canceled the popular vote Coming out swinging, conservative talk-radio superstar Michael Savage called the Republican party’s decision to prevent the people from voting in the primary an enormous scandal. He then followed up by calling on Cruz to […]
April 10, 2016

Trump Just Made This MASSIVE Move To Take Down GOP Elites… THIS IS WAR

Donald Trump’s campaign just announced that they’re going ALL-IN to prepare for what is likely to become a contested convention. New to the team, political strategist Paul Manafort is going to be leading the Trump team’s charge to fight back against the Establishment. As he begins his new role, Manafort is […]
April 8, 2016

It Begins: Paul Ryan Launches Presidential Ad (VIDEO)

(Breitbart) – A new video released by House Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has reporters chattering about whether or not it serves as a subtle campaign ad, as his supporters continue to whisper his name as a potential Republican presidential nominee in a brokered convention. The video features footage from Paul Ryan’s […]
April 5, 2016

BREAKING! Senators Fight Back Against Obama’s Unconstitutional Power Grab

Presenting a brief to the United States Supreme Court today, 43 Senators argued that Obama is attempting to “implement his policy preferences” when it comes to handling the outbreak of illegal aliens “by the extra-constitutional assertion of a unilateral executive power.” “With millions of illegal aliens not permitted to remain […]
April 4, 2016

Former Black Panther UNLOADS: “Barack Obama Hates America”

Clarence Mason Weaver is a former hate-filled member of the radical Black Panther movement, but has since reformed his ways and become a prominent conservative. In a recent bombshell interview with the Daily Caller, he risked everything to come forward and take a stand against Barack Hussein Obama and how […]