(VIDEO) Michael Savage Issues DEMAND to Cruz: Renounce Colorado ‘Rigged Election!’

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Texas Senator won ALL 34 delegates after the corrupt COP leadership completely canceled the popular vote

Coming out swinging, conservative talk-radio superstar Michael Savage called the Republican party’s decision to prevent the people from voting in the primary an enormous scandal. He then followed up by calling on Cruz to do the right thing and disregard the GOP leadership’s ruling and call for a popular vote to decide the delegates.

“What just happened in Colorado should, frankly, disqualify Cruz, who claims to be a constitutional conservative,” Savage told his listeners Monday.

Savage said Trump has been “pushed aside by the ‘Republicrat and Demican’ party, which I have told you about since 1994.”

“I told you we don’t have a democracy. It’s how I rose to fame in the radio business. … I position, as I have been all my life, as a total cynic,” he said.

“This is a corrupt, rotten system. It’s a one-party system. It’s demagoguery. There is no two-party system. They are the ones who selected Obama. They are the ones who are selecting Hillary. Make no mistake about it.”

Savage said the “rigged Republican, back-room deal” was “not befitting a free republic” and “something you would expect of Uruguay in the 1940s.”

“How can Mr. Cruz support a rigged election in Colorado and still claim to be a conservative?”

It’s time that we show our elected leaders who they really work for! No more back room deals. No more corrupt politicians. No more business as usual! STOP THE ESTABLISHMENT!

Also responding to the rampant corruption and controversy, Rush Limbaugh had a different take on the matter and stated that Cruz wasn’t exactly cheating, but simply taking advantage of the rules that are currently in place.

“He’s demonstrating he knows how to work himself within this insider labyrinth. He knows how to navigate it. He knows how to work it. He knows how to turn it to his advantage,” Limbaugh explained. “You have to look at this and say, ‘OK, what does this tell us about Cruz, if he should become president?’ No matter how enamored you are – and a lot of people are – no matter how enamored you are of the notion of a total outsider with no links to the establishment, no links to insider politics, nothing whatsoever, you’re fascinated by that happening, somebody coming in and just totally wrecking the castle, finding out that you can’t do that without getting inside the castle first. ‘Cause people inside the castle are not gonna let you crumble the walls.”

He continued: “You know, being an outsider, it has benefits, but it has drawbacks, too, and knowing the rules inside out and outworking the competition is not cheating. If you happen to be more knowledgeable of how things work and are able to work it to your advantage, that’s just hard work.  That isn’t cheating. I think the entire lesson, if you look at the Obama campaign and the Cruz campaign, organization matters, from the grassroots on up.”

Listen to Michael Savage’s comments below:

It’s time that we show our elected leaders who they really work for! No more back room deals. No more corrupt politicians. No more business as usual! STOP THE ESTABLISHMENT!

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  1. Eleanor Cummings says:

    LOL. You’ve GOT to be kidding!! Cruz vive up his bough-and-‘aid-for delegates just because it was proven Colorado RNC/GOP elites rigged it? Come on, Mr. Savage, Cruz isn’t honest enough or man enough to denounce the corruption that benefits HIM? Besides, he’s not even his own man. And say, Mr. Savage! Did you know it is considered legal to offer bribes and payoffs for delegates? What kind of a corrupt system is this when you can use cash, gifts and vacations to garner needed delegates, according to Colorado GOP Commissioner Steve House!! And this is exactly what Cruz is doing! Is his how Clinton, Bush and Obama got in?? Just WHO ARE these “delegates”? How are they chosen for that role? The people most definitely did NOT get to “vote” them in, which means they were hand-picked by the party elites! . Also, the GOP can change rules on the eve of the convention. They just do whatever suits them! It’s not fair and I’m fed up with the GOP party. So yes, Cruz is doing this all sneaky and sort of in the shadows. and this just makes him less attractive to voters who are looking for fair play their government, which they’re sure not getting under Obama. He cannot win when the people don’t want him.. Doing it this way -no matter what the rules – will hurt him more than help him. I would be curious to know how voters feel about a slightly different question. Is Ted Cruz’s strategy unfair to the voters?

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